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Join our Loyalty Rewards program and receive discounts on your purchase by simply shopping with us How to Join: Simply add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout Add your personal details and shipping information in the fields provided After entering your details simply tick the tab ‘Create an Account’ Complete your sale […]

ATP Science – Noway Bar is Here!

ATP Science started out with the desire to create a snack that was high in protein, low in carbohydrates and fats with NO added sugar, artificial flavors or colors, no dairy, lactose, or gluten and still tastes good…people responded with “No Way! It isn’t possible!” They responded with “Hard, we do every day; impossible just […]

Herbs Of Gold – Hormone Metabolism – Assists With Hormonal Issues

Herbs of Gold Hormone Metabolism is a comprehensive formula to support phase I and phase II liver detoxification processes and healthy metabolism of oestrogen hormone in the liver. (IDEAL FOR MEN AND WOMEN) Support oestrogen metabolism Healthy metabolism of oestrogen Liver detoxification With Broccoli sprouts INDICATIONS: Hormone Metabolism is a comprehensive herbal and nutritional formula, […]

Peace Love & Vegetables Coconut Kefir 11 Tonic Is Back!

Finally after a long wait Peace Love & Vegetables have Re-Released their new and improved Coconut Kefir 11 Tonic. Now with 11 strains (90 Billion) of healthy bacteria to ensure your gut health is on point! Here’s what Peace Love & Vegetables has to say about their great product: KEFIR 11 Our mission: Create the […]

Mad Creations – Keto Eats

The owner of MAD CREATIONS Megan Ellam has produced her 5th self published hard copy book called KETO EATS. It will be available only as a LIMITED print offer so if you want it order it NOW! KETO EATS is THE book EVERYONE will want! Stunning photography, professional design and layout. Keto Eats has a […]

APO Compounds – SARMs Alternative Now In-Store

APO COMPOUNDS have created safe, natural, and effective products derived from plants. They are the leaders in Anabolic Phytosteroids (APS) and strive to educate how APS are able to provide revolutionary results. Using the revolutionary SMEDDs delivery technology these products are designed to produce effective results in regards to muscle building and weight loss. In […]

Third Wave Nutrition Arrives In-Store

Third Wave Nutrition produce a range of high quality and great tasting vegan products. They are passionate about creating premium plant-based products to support a healthy lifestyle of people with individual needs. These products are created without any compromises in taste and quality in order to provide you with a product you can trust. Their […]

Welcome (Naturopath) Natalie Connors

Hello I am Natalie – The Natural Health Coach! I am a fully qualified Naturopath and I am Passionate about Helping People Heal & Feel Better. I offer Support and Guidance for those seeking: • Good Gut Health & Weight Loss. • Relief from Pain, Allergies & Inflammation. • Help Managing Stress, Chronic Health Conditions […]

High Protein Chocolate Brownies

These High Protein Chocolate Brownies are perfect for a Pre or Post workout snack, or a meal on the go. This recipe only uses 1/2 the Muffin Mix, which means you have 1/2 a mix left for a small batch of muffins! Prep: 15 mins Cook: 20 mins Yields: 12 Ingredients 1/2 packet (170g) of […]

Boost Immunity This Winter With Astragalus

Astragalus root is one of the most powerful immune-building plants on the planet, otherwise known as an adaptogen herb it helps to reduce the symptoms of stress while fighting disease at the same time. In addition to BOOSTING your immune system, studies have show it has beneficial qualities for the cardiovascular system, fights off tumors […]