Sunflower Lecithin For Building Muscle

Have you hit a plateau with your muscle gains?

Adding Sunflower Lecithin to your Muscle BUILDING regime could be your solution!

Along with many obvious health benefits studies have also shown Sunflower Lecithin has a positive impact on increasing the rate of muscle growth and recovery whilst combined with a regular resistance training programme!

How is this achieved?

The process of building muscle begins with the regulation of a protein kinase called “mTor”. This protein kinase is responsible for the regulation and speed in which muscle growth occurs.

The more mTor is produced the GREATER the stimulation of muscle growth and recovery

mTor is the acronym for “mammalian target of rapamycin” and is activated within the muscle cells by flexing the muscle itself, in particular this process occurs at an accelerated rate during intense training.

Interestingly once mTor is activated it takes effect for several hours and does not subside immediately, additionally when combined with protein the activity of mTor can be maintained for up to 36 hours.

What does all this have to do with Sunflower Lecithin?

Sunflower Lecithin contains an active ingredient called Phosphatidic acid, studies have shown this compound has the unique ability to be able to stimulate the production of mTor by nearly DOUBLE !!!!!

A study performed with two groups, one supplementing with Sunflower Lecithin and the other group was given placebo. The physical abilities, training regimes, height (1.77m) and weight (above 85kg) of the participants from both groups were virtually identical.

In almost every test the Sunflower Lecithin group performed twice as well. This applies for muscle section, lean mass gains and fat loss. Additionally overall strength increased by 80% to 90%.

In another similar study performed by Hoffmann et al. in 2012, it also established the connection of increased muscle mass whilst participants supplemented with Sunflower Lecithin with a muscle gain of 1.5kg as opposed to the placebo group who only achieved a gain of 200g.

As you can see the results are extremely encouraging and a great reason to add Sunflower lecithin to your sports performance and bodybuilding regime!

Mark McEntyre

Health Coach

Overall NABBA Mr Australia


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