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The team at Elite Health Supplements care about service and quality and thus, we present Fusion Health Vitex, Fusion is a leading brand, specializing in herbs and traditional Chinese Medicine!

Vitex by Fusion Health
Helps reduce the frequency and intensity of menstrual symptoms, including bloatingbreast tendernesstension and irritability.

Features and benefits
High potency formula, with each tablet providing 1000 mg of Vitex (also known as Chaste Berry or Chaste Tree).
Promotes a healthy menstrual cycle.
- Helps relieve symptoms of premenstrual emotional upheaval such as mood swingsirritability and tension.
- Also helps reduce the frequency and severity of physical symptoms of PMSincluding breast tendernessabdominal bloatingfluid retention (oedema), pelvic congestionperiod painand acne.
- Aids the management of acne in both men and women, and can be taken alongside antibiotics for this purpose when professionally advised.
- For additional support of the female reproductive system, and for periods that are irregular, we recommend taking Fusion Women's Balance tablets in conjunction with Vitex.
- For heavy periodscombine Vitex with Fusion Tienchi Ginseng, which has traditionally been used to reduce heavy menstrual bleeding and address the Qi stagnation that often accompanies it.
- If you experience menstrual crampsperiod pain (dysmenorrhoea) or menstrual migraines, consider teaming Vitex with Fusion Magnesium Advanced or Magnesium Advanced Powder for additional relief.

How it works
Is your life disrupted by PMS each month? If so, you’re far from alone – almost half of all women are affected to some extent during their reproductive years.
Whether you experience physical symptoms like fluid retentionbreast tenderness or period pain, or emotional disturbances such as tensionirritability and unstable moodsPMS is definitely not ‘all in your head’.
In fact, it can have a substantial impact on your wellbeing, and may also interfere with your work lifepersonal relationships and other activities.
Vitex has been the subject of numerous clinical studies, which have shown that it helps reduce the frequency and intensity of many physical symptoms of PMS, including breast tenderness(mastalgia), fluid retentionabdominal bloating, and feelings of pelvic congestion and pain. At the same time, it may also be beneficial for emotional symptoms such as tensionirritabilityand unstable moods.
These effects are believed to occur because Vitex has an inhibiting effect on the hormone prolactin, elevation of which may be at least partially responsible for PMS symptoms. In addition,Vitex also appears to have pain-relieving and mood-regulating effects via other pathways, including helping to offset premenstrual declines in endorphins.
Aside from its effects on the female reproductive cycleVitex can help aid the management of mild-to-moderate acne, where it works by helping to prevent the blocked pores that can lead to blackheads and pustules. In these circumstances it is suitable for use by both men and women, and may be taken in conjunction with antibiotics under the supervision of your healthcare professional.

Fusion Vitex is available at Elite Health Supplements!

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