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Men's Multi Advanced

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The team at Elite Health Supplements care about service and quality and thus, we present Fusion Men's Advanced Multi, Fusion is a leading brand, specializing in herbs and traditional Chinese Medicine!

Men's Multi Advanced by Fusion Health

High-powered formula for men leading intensestressful or active lives.

Features and benefits
High-potency, broad-spectrum one-a-day multivitamin providing 36 nutrients and botanical extracts
Contains seven herbs that support men’s physiology and function including antioxidant-rich TurmericMilk Thistle and Green Tea
Includes Korean Ginseng and Withania (also known as Indian Ginseng or Ashwagandha), which have traditionally been used as revitalising tonics for men
- Contains a readily absorbed, highly bioavailable source of zinc to support men’s sexual vitality, reproductive function and immune, eye and skin health
- Helps the body and mind adapt to stress, so may be beneficial during times of intense work pressure or study
Includes nutrients required for cognitive functioning (mental processing)
- Contains key vitamins and minerals involved in the cellular production of energyincluding B-group vitaminsvitamin C and chromium
- Contains nutritional and herbal antioxidants to support healthy ageing
- Supports muscle function and tissue repair
Iron-free formula

How it works
Men’s bodies require an ongoing supply of nutrients to facilitate essential physiological functions like digestioncognition (mental processing), energy production, the ability to cope withstress, and the maintenance of immune and muscle health.
However, data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that on any given day fewer than one in ten Aussie men consume the recommended 5-6 servings of vegetables, and many consume no fruit at all.
These dietary habits increase your risk of becoming deficient in key vitamins and minerals.
Exercising hard or leading a busydemanding or stressful life may increase your risk of deficiency even further by elevating your nutritional requirements.

Fusion Health Men’s Multi Advanced has been specially formulated with a broad spectrum of nutrients that promote men’s physical and mental wellbeing and support:
Stress resistance and adrenal function
Reproductive health
Energy production and cellular metabolism
Heart and circulatory health
Healthy digestion and liver function
Cognitive function and vision
Immune health
Skin health and tissue repair
Muscle and bone health

Men’s Multi Advanced also contains herbs that have traditionally been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine to enhance men’s vitality (Qi, or life force energy), masculine energy (referred to as Yang in traditional Chinese medicine), sexual vitality and reproductive functioningincluding Korean GinsengWithania and Horny Goat Weed.
The antioxidant-rich herbs TurmericMilk Thistle and Green Tea are also present in this formula.

Fusion Men's Multi Advanced is available at Elite Health Supplements!

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