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OXYSHRED is an advanced and extremely powerful thermogenic fat burner developed by EHPLABS! OXYSHRED has been designed to provide a complex process of super-efficient and enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules. This breakthrough fat burner was one of the first to include an immunity support network of ingredients. This is important as the body experiences substantial physiological and hormonal changes when it speeds up its metabolism and oxidizes fat molecules.

OXYSHRED contains:
- L-glutamine - The most common amino acid found in muscle cells. It is essential for optimal immune system functioning, strength, stamina and recovery.
- Vitamin C - A vitamin that is essential for the proper functioning and boosting of the immune system. OXYSHRED is loaded with sufficient amounts of Vitamin C to ensure that your body is strong and fit while you shred excess fat.
- 1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine - (also known as caffeine anhydrous) is a very popular energy supplement to boost your energy levels while dieting and to assist in additional fat metabolisation. It also boosts muscle strength and endurance. Caffeine from guarana, coffee, or green tea is good, but many people find it less effective than the anhydrous form, which has been shown to boost performance in clinical studies.
- Tyrosine - Tyrosine has been associated with energy production, stamina and focus, without any jittery side effects. The body processes tyrosine as a precursor to producing several important hormones and neurotransmitters, such as epinephrine (adrenaline) and dopamine
- Taurine in combination with 1, 3, 7 trimethylxanthine, has been found to increase muscular endurance.
- B Vitamins "full spectrum" for energy production.

In developing the product, EHPLABS created a "hyper-lipolysis matrix" based on proprietary ratios and concentrations of the following ingredients:
- Acetyl L-carnitine
- African wild mango
- Chromium picolinate
- Conjugated linoleic acid
- Coleus forskohlii
- Green coffee bean extract
- Grapefruit seed extract
- Guggulsterone
- Higenamine
- Naringin
- Octopamine
- Oleuropein
- Phenylalanine
- Raspberry ketones

OXYSHRED comes in an array of flavours and is available at Elite Health Supplements!
- Pink Grapefruit
- Wild Melon
- Guava Paradise
- Kiwi Strawberry

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