EHS Women’s Weight Loss Pack

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The EHS Women’s Weight Loss Pack is a combination of Vixen protein (Either 1kg or 3kg), X50 Green Tea fat burner at half price accompanied by a FREE shaker!

Vixen (Women's Protein)

Ladies Vixen is the highest protein, lowest carb women's protein available on the market today! Fat burners L-Carnitine, inositol and Green Tea are also included in this amazing product!


Green Tea X50

TRIBECA HEALTH have created GREEN TEA X50! This super-clean drink is an energy provider, helps to burn fat, detoxify and also increase the metabol...


EHS Shaker 650ml

Shaker bottles by EHS are an easy, no fuss and convenient solution to mixing your favourite protein shakes or smoothies. Easy screw tight, non lea...

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