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Skinny Protein

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About Skinny Protein

From the makers of Green Tea X50
It's Skinny because we have removed the stuff you don’t need and put in more of the stuff you do!

Skinny Protein is skinny on carbs, skinny on sugar, skinny on calories and skinny on fat. 

YES! You can use Skinny Protein as a quick meal replacement when you are on the go
YES! After workouts it will help promote lean muscle growth and repair fatigued muscles
YES! It will help restore energy by feeding your body
YES! It will help you feel fuller longer
YES! It tastes amazing
YES! It is full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids 
YES! If you are a bit sensitive to gluten, this should still be ok as our ingredients have very low levels of gluten protein
Why use Skinny Protein 
Successful weight loss can be optimised by increasing protein when your diet includes low GI carbs and can help you stay fuller for longer. It promotes lean muscle mass, supports your immune system, repairs damaged muscle, contains essential amino acids and gives you energy. It is a convenient way of building muscle mass, assisting muscle repair and providing necessary nutrients before and during a workout. 

Our Accelerated Weight Loss Programme comes free when you purchase any Green Tea X50 product and you can use Skinny Protein as directed in the programme.

Skinny Protein Tub: 
  • Chocolate, Vanila or Cookies & Cream Flavours 
  • High Quality Cold Processed WPC and WPI 
  • No Soy protein 
  • Added Schizandra and acetyl L-Carnitine for increased energy and performance 
  • 24 added vitamins and minerals 
  • Added digestive enzymes for better protein utilization 
  • Added fibersol 2tm to assist with greater appetite control 
  • 98 Calories 
  • 18g Protein 
  • 0.7G Fat 
  • 1.3G Sugar 
  • Best tasting protein on the market


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