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Stress B Multi Advanced

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The team at Elite Health Supplements care about service and quality and thus, we present Fusion Health Stress B Multi Advanced, Fusion is a leading brand, specializing in herbs and traditional Chinese Medicine!

Stress B Multi Advanced by Fusion Health

High potency anti-stress formula with B-group vitaminsGreen Tea and alpha-Lipoic acid.

Features and benefits

Specially formulated to relieve symptoms of stressnervous tension and mild anxiety without causing drowsiness, and to improve the ability to cope with stress.
- Helps energise the body and mindimprove alertness and address physical fatiguemental tiredness and poor concentration.
- Contains a therapeutic dose of Green Tea standardised for its content of theanine, a unique amino acid with relaxinganti-stress properties.
Specially formulated to meet the needs of active people leading busy lives.

How it works

Among other functions, the B-group vitamins (which include biotin and folic acid) are involved in maintaining healthy nervous system function and energy production.
For example, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is required for the production of many neurotransmitters (brain chemicals that transmit signals from one part of the nervous system to another) including serotonin, which is sometimes referred to as one of the body’s ‘feel good’ chemicals.
Similarly, pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B5) is required for the healthy functioning of the adrenal glands, and their production of some of the hormones that enable us to copewith stress.
Fusion Stress B Multi Advanced combines therapeutic levels of these and other members of the B-complex group of vitamins with a high-potency dose of Green Tea (9,100 mg) standardised for its content of an amino acid called theanine.
In a scientific study, healthy young people took either 50 mg of theanine (equivalent to two Fusion Stress B Multi Advanced tablets) or a placebo. Over the following couple of hours, brain wave measurements showed that the brains of those who had taken theanine experienced increased levels of alpha-wave activityindicating increased feelings of relaxation and mental alertness.
In addition to improving alertnesstheanine also improves the ability to focus the attention (perhaps by helping to blocking out distracting information or stimuli) and increases the accuracy with which tasks are completed!
Together, the ingredients in Fusion Stress B Multi Advanced help to improve resistance to stressenergise the body and mind, and relieve symptoms of stressnervous tensionmild anxiety, and poor concentration, without causing drowsiness.

Fusion Stress B Multi Advanced
 is available at Elite Health Supplements!

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